Oct 16

Students of Area Schools Enjoy Traditional Ways of Photography

Although in the present era, the computer is the replacement for digitization of pictures, some schools are following rules that enable its student to feel and experience the conventional ways of using the 35 mm camera.

In this age of modern technology, all over the county, people are not showing interest in knowing the development process of the black and white photographs, but teachers of North Pocono, West Scranton, Scranton and Abington Heights are trying to encourage their students to be involved in film photography. Scranton High School offers dark room course of photography which is tutored by David Schulte. Mr. Schulte graduated from Keystone College in 2015. His subject was photography, and he believes that his passion for photography is the reason behind the success of the course.

It is only after the completion of the course of Art I, both seniors and juniors will be eligible for enrolling in the course of analog photography. Mr. Schulte’s course stresses the importance of the lighting in the art of photography. Continue reading →

Apr 16

Wildlife photo exhibit in Ford Education Center

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year now enters United States with a Ford Education Center exhibit in Detroit Zoo. It will feature hundred photographs showcased as lit up large color transparencies. The show is produced and developed by the National Museum, London.

Wildlife photo exhibit

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Jan 16

Success is not guaranteed

A website can bring in a business or can cater to the needs of yours only when the website turns informative. Informative sites are always on the zenith. Any person who engages in designing the site must turn both qualitative and talented. Only when the candidate possesses some little experience in designing the site, he can make the site to turn much useful to the users.


When a site is constructed, like the Croatian Yacht Charters website is, it must possess some of the details whichever necessary for the site’s usage. Say for example, the site represents tourism, and then the site must turn out designed in an elegant manner, representing the tour packages for the couples or for the individuals who engage in tour, the package associated with the extra things packed with the tour, and lot more details are to be specified clearly for the user’s comfort level. When these things are listed, the user may feel comfortable enough to get the details directly from the source. Continue reading →

May 15


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Apr 15

Portrait Photography : Film Tips for Night Photography

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Apr 15

Plymouth to see Wildlife Photographer of the Year stop

An international exhibit of the very best in nature photography would be on display at the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery from March 28 to May 30. ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ contest, started in the year 1965, is now in its fiftieth year and has got 42000 pictures from near about hundred countries.

One hundred winning snapshots from the most recent contest have been showcased at Natural History Museum in London since the year 2014 and Plymouth has been selected as one of 10 British places to arrange the exhibit on its tour across the world.

Peter Smith, the Deputy Council Leader, reportedly stated that they are very happy to be included on the tour and hope people would make the most of this scope to see some of the world’s top wildlife photography when it would be showcased in Plymouth.

Mark Tosdevin, the manager of the museum, told that the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest is the top event of this type for nature photographers as well as their really grown in stature over the past few years. The resulting showcase attracts millions and millions of visitors throughout the whole and presents inspiring snaps which highlight the diversity and variety of the natural world. Continue reading →

Mar 15

Conceptual Portrait Photography Las Vegas – 702.721.9893

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Mar 15

Portrait Photography : How to Dress for a Portrait Sitting

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Feb 15

Man from Cascade talks about years of wildlife photography

When Herb Lange stays in the recliner in his living apartment, he could almost travel to his days of photography in his camouflaged solitary blinds, deep in Midwestern woods. There is a camera on floor to his left within reach. On his right, there is a recorder along with several animal sounds. In a coffee table boasts nearby, there is a US$ 3000 pair of binoculars as well as a goose-down coat.

In front of him, outside his orthopedic walker, there are dozens of wildlife photos on the bookshelves, walls as well as leaning against closet doors. A close review shows bins and bins of snaps  a calculated 2000. A lot of those are award-winners.

Speaking to The Telegraph Herald, he said that his favorite thing to photograph is the gray fox. He is always eager to speak about his everlasting true love. Herb, now 77, is very proud of where he was born and raised. He started taking photographs of the wildlife when he was 30 years old, after his glory days as a semi-pro pitcher.   Continue reading →

Jan 15

BTS – Tennis Composite Portrait Photo Shoot

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